The Noa Lane Mineral Nail Lacquer is evocative of the values that we are now striving toward as contemporary women (and men) particularly preservation of our environment, protection of animals, resistance to climate change and an ethic of trust and fairness. It is through travel and an unconquerable sense of adventure that we experience the world and grow into these values. So we shouldn't then compromise on a value-less and unethical consumer culture.

Items from the Noa Lane Mineral Cosmetics range are Vegan and Not Tested on Animals. They are free of Five particularly nasty chemicals including formaldehyde which has been linked to cancer by national research bodies. Noa Lane Mineral Cosmetics is made in Australia with ingredients comply with International standards.

But there are no animal products in Nail Polish (we hear you ask)?  Regular nail polish does contain Fish Scales (usually from Herring) that creates the Sparkle. The iridescent qualities of the scales make them "ideal" for grinding up into glitter. Noa Lane Nail Lacquer does not contain any Fish Scales. Our sparkle comes from mineral Micas! Naturally forming mica flakes are from Muscovite mineral rocks which are refined and for safe cosmetic use, the result combined with colour gives the beautiful Opalescent finish.  When used in nail polish suspension base the Mica powders distribute freely and evenly leaving a uniform colour saturation. The shine and shimmer of the mica compliments glitter polishes and unlike powder pigments micas do not clump or cause streaking in nail polish.

Noa Lane Nail Lacquer also Does Not contain these animal by-products commonly found in regular nail polish: stearic acid, glycerol and cochineal, or crushed bugs. Find the indrediaent list here.

At Noa Lane Mineral Cosmetics we also value transparency and a collaborative approach. We collaborate with a range of beautiful and talented people such as photographers, makers and designers. We are part of the Australian Eco Labels Group of ethical fashion labels.